Zero brings Metro minimalist tasks to Windows Phone [Video]

We're just going to come out and say it: Zero, the new to-do list app from tomzorz labs, borrows heavily in inspiration from an iPhone app called Clear (see the iMore review). What makes that funny is Clear is understood as borrowing heavily from Microsoft's Metro UI design language meaning we're finally coming full circle with Clear Zero coming back to Windows Phone.

The to-do list/task manager app is very minimalist in design with zero chrome, ahem. It is primarily gesture based forgoing the traditional bottom-bar method found in most Windows Phone apps--in that sense, it actually deviates against Metro UI but only because it's going more minimalist instead of less. Gestures are simple and universal: up/down to create, left to delete, right to check off, pinch in to go back, pinch out to re-order lists. Because of the gestures, you'll need to tap through a brief (but well done) tutorial at first but you'll lean the system quick enough.


The app itself is clean, fast and to the point and because of that we like it a lot. The Live Tile adds a nice counter though it could perhaps be augmented with a rear tile for more info (space permitting though). Likewise, tying into the Toast notification system could be a good idea in the future to make this a true "reminder" app. We are looking forward though to the back-up feature which we presume will be based on SkyDrive.

You can pick up Zero with a free trial here in the Marketplace for $0.99.

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Zero brings Metro minimalist tasks to Windows Phone [Video]


Looks lovely, but I got a question. Is nobody using OneNote? Just curious since people seem to hate it and use everything but OneNote. Maybe just me not seeing the big pic, but I use tasks and notes.

I like OneNote. Between that and the calendar my scheduling needs are met. I'm a tradesperson though, so no work-related appointments/meeting for me to worry about.

i use one note, i have create new pinned as well
only thing is i don't have data plan and office 360, otherwise it would be god send with sync with desktop

I actually started used OneNote on my laptop a few months ago to organize school and job search notes. The synching between the desktop client, skydrive web app, and phone was SUPER useful.
So am I the only one who uses OneNote on WP for lists (shopping, grocery, etc.) and the built-in to-do list in the calendar hub? The built-in to-do is the ultimate in minimalism if you ask me and I just don't have the need to catagorize my to-dos beyond priority and due date which I can already do.

Another OneNote user here. Never saw the need for another tasks app, but to each their own. And....
Totally holding out for a Win8 slate. :)

Use OneNote myself, but this seems much easier for quick disposable to do lists, like shopping lists and such.