Digital newsstand Zinio gets a minor update, now supports 512 MB devices


Zinio launched back May in Nokia’s Collection with a small update at the beginning of September.

While the app has received mostly positive reviews, at least where it is regionally available, the app never worked on 512 MB devices. But like most limitations, that one is one that can be overcome with some clever optimizations.

Version 1.2 of the app went live in the Store in the last day or so and it brings with it that 512 MB support. Indeed heading to Nokia Collection we can verify that it is now ready to be downloaded on our Lumia 720. That was a significant limitations for many users out there and with this update, Zinio’s audience should be able to expand significantly.

There is no official changelog with version 1.2, however, so if there are any other fixes or improvements we have to find them. Sound off in comments if you’ve noticed anything different.

Head here to the Nokia Collection to download Zinio for your Windows Phone 8 Lumia device. Regional restrictions apply.

Thanks, lincolnroy, for the tip

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Reader comments

Digital newsstand Zinio gets a minor update, now supports 512 MB devices


They really need to add the ability to turn the live tile for zinio off. It looks awful and doesn't provide any value to the experience. I love Zinio and the ability to read my magazines everywhere, but I can't stand the ugly live tile.

Interesting concept comment, MS with Modern UX really brought design into software. We WP/W8 users are very sensitive to these issues.

The main problem I have with it is the live tile scrolls through ugly pixelated images of magazine covers and images from random articles from random (online?) articles. They are all pixelated and ugly. The Zinio tile and logo looks just fine, why mess that up?