Zombies are on the Phone and the Xbox Live Deal of the Week too

Zombies on the Phone

Remember that Xbox Live Deal of the Week poll from last month? Microsoft allowed users to vote on whether ZOMB1ES on teh ph0ne, Earthworm Jim, Doodle God, or Deer Hunter would go on sale this month. Doodle God and Deer Hunter have already permanently dropped to 99 cents, which left only Zombies or Earthworm Jim to go on sale. Zombies on the Phone (as I’ll now type it) won the poll anyway, and so it’s now the current Deal of the Week for $1.99.

Zombies on the Phone is the Windows Phone port of popular-‘cause-it’s-cheap Xbox 360 indie game I MAED A GAEM W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!1. Thankfully it includes a new game mode, 'Endless Zombies,' as well as the entirely new side-view shooter 'Time Viking.' It’s like two or three games for the price of one! Look past the intentionally basic yet chaotic visuals and you’ll find a challenging shooter with a nice sense of humor; just listen to the horrid but silly lyrical theme songs for proof. To learn more about the concept, check out our Xbox Live Developer Interview with Ska Studios and read the full game review.

Zombies on the Phone is on sale for $1.99 for one week only. Get it here on the Marketplace and start shooting those darn zombies,

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Zombies are on the Phone and the Xbox Live Deal of the Week too


Its a great game.. My kids and I have so much with with this game.. Would be nice to have 3d version

Rated at 4.5 stars from 400+ reviews confirms many like it a lot.

Not everyone's cup of tea, but to say it's a crappy game doesn't match with reality.

I understand why the looks might be offputting if you only played it for a moment, but... You should give the review a read to understand what the game is going for and why it mostly succeeds.

Great game! Great controls, funny music, loads of weapons, you can also change the zombies faces with photos from your phone (e.g your mates faces). Great little game, especially for the toilet gamer

On my phone the deal of the week is kinectimals, but zombies on the phone has dropped to 1.99, and anyone tell me why there are two Assassins Creed in the marketplace both by Gameloft? The new on 20/04/2012 is 1.2 and higher in file size, yet there's no trial, or are they updating their game? Its not Xbox live though

I love how in the song he states "It costs a dollar for my game.", which is the xBox360 price. Wouldnt pay for this though.

I love this game. I have owned for the xbox 360 for a long time. The "only costs a dollar" is from the xbox 360 as its $0.99 on xbox 360 live.
I did pay $2.99 when it first came out but, I had to have it.... oh well.