Zoo Tycoon players drive Microsoft to donate $10,000 for Sumatran Tigers conservation work

Microsoft has donated $10,000 towards tiger conservation efforts thanks to Xbox Zoo Tycoon players. The challenge was originally put to players to pick the charity they wanted to work towards, and after picking the Sumatra tiger, the players released 1000 tigers into the wild in-game. Microsoft’s $10,000 donation to the Sumatran Tiger Survival Program will help reduce the number of tigers killed, displaced, or snared.

Good on Xbox players for reaching the game goal, and good on Microsoft for taking the initiative on this program. Any Zoo Tycoon players here take part in the event?


Reader comments

Zoo Tycoon players drive Microsoft to donate $10,000 for Sumatran Tigers conservation work


My question is why they have to put "conditions" on something like this? Isn't it enough to just donate without making a game of it? The voting I understand, but the other part, why? Unless they're trying to squeeze some kind of promotion in at the same time, which seems kind of wrong to me.

How about coming up with an innovative way to help players feel a part of the process rather than a passive vote? No reason to be so cynical.

The goal was deliberately modest I'm sure.. Meaning they knew it would be accomplished. No reason to not maximize the promotional value of your charitable work if you're going to do it anyway... Not sure why it seems wrong to you but the success of promotional tie ins with charitable endeavors only serves to encourage corporate giving... Doesn't seem wrong to me.

It's good either way. However for some reason 10,000$ from Microsoft effort seems small. Meh, probably just my thinking, awesome work on all three sides!

True! The game has pretty simple menu and didn't need heavy graphics... Hope someday it'll come (my first Tycoon game is Lemonade Tycoon... Went to max and then rinse and repeat few times)

Awesome, tigers need all the help they can get or they are going to be extinct real soon in the wild. You are great, Microsoft. (and I love Zoo Tycoo)

That is so cool, wish they would release it for pc and maybe bring the old zoo tycoons to like wp!!