ZTE to make a big push in the US with 4G phones

ZTE Tania

We took a look at the ZTE Tania last week at CES 2012 and came away quite impressed. Sure, the specs are no match for the US market but their design was actually much better than LG, Toshiba and Acer and that says something. (And we really think LG just needs to move on already).

The Tania has a wimpy 4GB of storage and a decent 5MP camera with a 4.3" screen. We argued if ZTE upped the specs to something more competitive, this design could win some hearts here in the States (and Europe).

Now we're getting word that ZTE will be trying to enter the US the market with either an Android or Windows Phone (or both), including 4G LTE bands. In a Reuters interview Lv Qianhao, head of handset strategy for ZTE stated that "The United States and China will be key engines driving our smartphone sales". Of course saying that and doing it are two different things as working with carriers is notoriously tricky here in the States and ZTE has had very little sway here so far.

The "fourth-largest mobile phone maker by shipments" has lofty ambitions, including moving into the high-end market. But with the likes of Nokia, Samsung and HTC it looks to be tight. Still, we like the Tania and think ZTE may offer a thing or two, but they will certainly need to do more than equal the competition--they'll need to surpass it. That requires innovation and the ability to 'wow' and we're still waiting for that.

Check our hands on with the ZTE Tania at CES 2012 after the break...

Source: Reuters


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ZTE to make a big push in the US with 4G phones


up the specs and id buy one at least 16 gig storage and id be good come on over ZTE ill be the first to welcome you :D

Bring some of these phones to verizon. What way to increase your product being known then being on the largest US carrier( vzw)

4g  of storage!! OMG here comes 20 new complain thread in the forum about memory!! good god...
could this be the start of LOW end WP? ( tango update any one) i think soo...

Yes, you missed the author disrespecting LG. If it wasn't for the LG Quantum I would not be using WP today.

Bought a Quantum with my own cold hard cash (out of contract). It was a decent phone and I still have it.

LG has completely disappeared with Gen 2 devices and when I spoke with them at CES (where they had ZERO Windows Phones on display; Microsoft had their super crappy "fashion phone" out though) they were like "yup, no Windows Phones!" almost enthuisiastically. 

Face it: LG is done with WP for now (and I'm done with them.) They will not be a major player with our OS and if they were to make new phones, I have no confidence in their ability to make something compelling.

I spoke with LG today and they said a new update is coming in about 3 weeks. I contacted them because of the not working compass.

I love the back cover and the white/sliver combo - at least ZTE tried to inject some style into their WP offerings!
  If they could up the storage, and then make an attempt to cater to not only the top 4 U.S. carriers, but also to the Crickets, U.S. Cellulars, Virgin/Boost Mobiles out there, I think they have a really good chance at getting their devices into alot of consumers hands.

Looks a lot like the Focus. I like the white design. 4 GB is a joke though. Not everyone needs 32 but at least make it 8

It wouldn't win any design awards but I must admit it's a nice looking device.  Still, I'm baffled by 4GBs of storage.  I understand that it's a "low end" handset but the other low end phones offer up better specs at already low/free prices.  The Radar is already pretty cheap, as well as the 710.  I'm not sure how much cheaper this ZTE phone can be.

Bring them to US cell and the other smaller carriers with atleast 16Gb of storage. Hell bring them to Cricket with 32Gb and a Muve app.
/The Androids on Cricket with muve have less than 1Ghz cpus