ZTE Nubia W5 alleged to be the first Windows Phone with a Snapdragon 801 processor

ZTE Nubia W5 alleged to be the first Windows Phone with a Snapdragon 801 processor

Windows Phones have been powered by a variety of processors since the Samsung Omnia 7 was released back in 2010, but ZTE could be the first manufacturer to pump out a device with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chip. According to an unfamiliar source, ITHome, a new phone from the manufacturer will be named the 'Nubia W5' and is set to be a super high-end Windows Phone.


First of all, prepare that grain of salt. We haven't heard anything about a new ZTE superphone, though the company is expected to make more devices. That all said, the Snapdragon 801 from Qualcomm comes with increased CPU and GPU clock speeds than the 800, as well as sporting other unique features. It's an improved CPU until the 808 and 810 arrive next year.

The Nubia W5 is reported to have 3GB RAM and a whopping 64 GB internal storage. A first from ZTE in the Windows Phone space. If you thought the specifications shared thus far were intriguing enough, how does a 13MP rear shooter and optical image stabalization sound? Then you have the reported 4G connectivity and 4,500 mAh battery.

Not only would this be the most powerful ZTE Windows Phone, but also one of the most powerful Windows Phones we've seen yet. That's correct, from ZTE. That's what could happen if all these details are accurate. Unsurprisingly, ZTE has not confirmed that the device either exists or is in development.

Source: ITHome, via: Phone Arena; thanks, Vaporware, for the tip!


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ZTE Nubia W5 alleged to be the first Windows Phone with a Snapdragon 801 processor


This is EXACTLY what Nokia/Microsoft need--COMPETITION & differentiation.  This proves that it's possible to make a device that's different from the Nokias, but also a nice-looking phone.

Exactly!! Well said!!... Devices like this can help push Lumia devices, and other WP's, to higher levels...
You're exactly right, and I hope these specs are true... Samsungs not likely going to want to be outdone by ZTE... This is good!

You mean a special edition version??....
Right!... "They" have a Univision mobile carrier, so whycome we can't get a BET edition Lumia???

Yeah, and that's a good point to.. If that happens then that will great major competition within WP... This will create more demand from OEM's to focus on WP.. When Samsung, HTC, and LG see the others competing they will seriously try harder to make better WP devices.. A win win situation..
It seems like WP is doing what Android did several years back, and it's probably going to have similar results.


3GB... highly unlikely... at least not on a 1080p device.
4500 mAh battery... nope... at least not on a device that slim.
Nokia exclusive apps on a ZTE device... also nope... at least unheard of until now.

My Note 3 is 1080p and has 3GB of RAM...? I doubt the 4500 mAh battery as well, however.
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Just because they photoshopped the screen cap frrom the 1520 promos doesnt automatically make this a fake. It could just be a prototype right now with no OS loaded yet, but they still wanted to show WP on it.

The only thing about the specs that I doubt is the 4500mAh battery.

Bay bay Nokia.
Chunky phones with massive bezel have done so much damage to WP ecosystem. Glad to see that new breed is emerging. Looks fab!

Obviously you haven't seen what Nokia has done for WP. How the outside of a phone looks is the last thing the average consumer cares about.

People care more about apps, functionality and price. Why do Galaxy phones sell so well, then?

And you think HTC, Samsung and Huawei have done better for Windows Phone? Despite what you may want to believe, WP's future is in budget and low-end phones, which Nokia has capitalized on.

And HTC,Samsung and the rest did what exactly for WP? If Nokia was so bad why didnt people buy phones from those other companies instead of Nokia running away with close to 90% of all WP sales?

Come on dude. If you weigh anything over 100 pounds, the weight of a smartphone should not matter. I personally like the weight of Nokia phones. Feels like I'm holding something of value.

Exactly! Yes Lumia bezels are too big and Nokia has been working on reducing them but Lumia phones look premium, feel premium and offer more exclusive software then anything else out there. I love the look and feel of my 800 and now 1020 and will stick with Lumia all the way. That ZTE does look amazing though.

@rodan01. Can't agree more. Nokia devices with small exceptions (925, 1250) sunk WP.
Common, just look at the latest Nokia offering 630. Fat, brickish, screaming colors, low resolution, massive bezel. In essence: pure ugly staff. Beyond belief how can you get SO WRONG.
One more reason why Nokia sunk WP.

The 925 is not fat, nor heavy, and definitely not sub par. The 920 was heavy but not much fatter than a galaxy phone.

You should live in an alternate world, where the screen protrudes the body on all its sides...much like a coffee table.

WMPU already said that It's a fake. Probably Wpcentral will come to the same conclusion in a couple of hours after copying the WMPU article.

They're guessing it's fake, it hasn't technically been proven fake yet. If you noticed, Rich said "prepare that grain of salt." WPC just doesn't want to rule anything out yet incase this turns out to be real.

It's pretty common for a random start screen screenshot to get copy-pasted onto pre-release renders. Did you see the article a few days ago on the leaked Prestigo phone? The start screen on that was also fake, but the device isn't.

Battery life man, its all about battery life. We all know that WP doesn't need too much power but everyone needs more time without a charge, don't we ?

"Nokia" however, is just a name here, not a company. The actual company that is producing this phone is Microsoft Mobile Oy, to make it extra spicy: under the name of Microsoft.

I wonder how long Verizon's exclusivity is. At the very least I'd appreciate a Lumia 930.2/.3 that they can sell unlocked. I'm hoping by August/September.

How do you figure? They're a tiny bit of clock speed behind the competition, and that's better than when they had this year-long gap between the 920 and 1520 where the S4 was blowing their SoC away.

Indeed, but we needed something at least similar to the L1520, every other smartphone facturer is doing flagships with way better specs than the L930, sucks... Anyways I very happy as I always been with my L920... But I really wish a better battery life, guess we will have to wait more

The 930 is not a new phone, it's a 929 rehash. You shouldn't have been looking for new specs in it anyway.

It hasn't been officially confirmed as a device yet, let alone which carriers it will be released on if this thing is legitimate. But I assume it'll probably follow the trend of releasing exclusively on Verizon or AT&T, at least initially. :/

On a second thought..It is abNote-3 with WP 8.1..3 GB RAM,,13 MP shooter,,801,,64 GB internals..Making it eligible to enter the top-5 phone's list..

It's a fake insert image, see how all icons are spread across on the status bar, not like 8.1.

None of which has anything at all definitiveky as to whether its going to be a real device. 

The colours are wrong for the tiles are as well. The OneDrive tile should always be blue, and the EXCLUSIVE Nokia apps like Cinemagraph should be lilac.
So much fake render.

Kinda sounds like hopes and dreams, not a real device from zte.
Additionally, the SkyDrive tile is red? It's the top status bar copied from a 1520 render? Altogether I'm leaning towards BS.

This could be a cheap phone even with those specs and with cheap I mean about 500$ unlocked at launch.

Yeah, maybe it could be, but with top of the line specs like those, you'll be buying a premium phone at a very, very premium price.

With 64Gb internal, 99.9% of users wouldn't need an SD card. People are already having trouble with the music app with just a couple of gbs of music.

With Microsoft putting Millions into Onedrive, you're not going to see too many phones with SD cards, especially from Microkia.

What you will see is more promotions giving you more space for a limited time, knowing you'll load up the space and then pay a fee rather than delete at the end of the promotion.

The shareholders have been sold on the cloud for years now, they're not going to let go of that very easily.

You'll probably have to look to another OEM for SD cards in your phone in the future.

Exactly what I looked for first! This phone is a beauty! Dem specs, dat bezel, dat thinness. Definitely a sexy beast, if true.

It's pretty common for the start screen to be fake on leaked renders... does anyone remember the start screen on the leaked Prestigo device from a few days ago? That was obviously a fake start screen as well.

False. Fake. 100% rubbish. Why? It has a Nokia Beamer tile. Wake up and smell the roses, people!

Is also Windows Phone 8 Update 3, through of course, a screenshot on a device says nothing. I mean, how many Windows tablets have we seen running arround with screenshots of the Windows Developer Preview, even after the release of Windows 8?!

This isn't real. You're talking about a battery about 32% bigger than that of the 1520. You're talking about double the storage any phone has in its base model (read: the 920's 32 GB). If this thing exists, it's going to be a 6" device or larger, and it's going to cost about $900 off-contract or $350 on-contract, assuming it even got to carriers.

I doubt it.  Remeber all the ridiculous leaks before MWC?  And what about the Developers Conference leaks?  None of that outrageous spec phones ever materialized.

Camera button a plus if holds real. Also looks to have a lock switch to prevent accidental pocket turn on

All of us Windows phone users on T-Mobile should run into the T-Mobile stores and use our phones to smash those Androids and iPhones. That'll show them that even though we are outnumbered, we can still destroy them.

I'm worried about the OS, not the hardware.. It's still lags behind android.. Os needs bit optimization..Quality of apps are below average.. I was happy about 8.1 .. But Xbox music and video apps (default audio/video player) are buggy..

This seems too good to be true. But if it is, then it'll be a great phone. Unfortunately it comes from a crappy company which doesn't inspire me much trust at all. But hey... If they sell it for the price of the One+ One it may be a hit.
As far as I go though, the only thing WP-wise I'm interested out of Asia is a possible Sony WP device.

Lumia + Nokia + bullshit = Nubia

Someone somewhere must have been laughing their ass off coming up with this stuff and the render.

Its real but the screen is a mockup. Low quality Zte marketing material. But its true.

You mean they would waste money on spying on consumers through hardware? That's just a hole in the head.

So instead of a grain of salt I used the whole container. With that said, let it be real. Let it be for T-Mobile. Let it be mine. But first this salt...lol

This thing is beast! Still won't be leaving my Nokia though but this looks like a great phone for someone. More competition is (usually) good and I can see this pushing Microkia ( :P ) and other manufacturers to innovate and advance. I'm rooting for Microsoft to push out a phone that will beat this though. But that's just my fanboi-ism and competitive streak. Lol. Great device! But not for me, personally.

ZTE for WP8.1 could very well be the HTC of Windows Mobile 6.5. Interesting development!

I hope WPCentral keeps us updated on this!

Hoping the screen on this is no bigger then 4.7", combined with those thin bezels would make a nice phone

I've been an iOS and android user and would be interested in something like this. I know that that battery size would not happen but still 3000 mAh would be doable.

Interestingly if you go to the Chinese site ITHome, whack the Chinese article into a translator, the second paragraph says:

But from such a powerful configuration point of view, does not look like really - more like a concept product, Gionee before domestic manufacturers have had a WP8.1 released on April Fool's new machine ELIFEw

It's poor English and I'm not sure what the second part means about the Gionee ELife but it does have "concept product" and "April Fools" in there..

Interesting to say the least, if this turns out to be real - DAMN, I'm getting me one of these straight of the delivery truck lol. Also will set the bar for windows phone flagships in terms of specs. Sadly though it is probably just a concept and not real at all...

Wow if those are truly the specs that will be a beastly phone, i will definitely consider picking it up, as for the moment i am having to many problems with my lumia 1520, and i am disappointed, my camera , vibrate no longer works, it has a spot in the middle of the screen , a light spot, that you see when scrolling through white backgrounds. That was not there when i got it, phone never fell or had any abuse. Nokia phones has to much problems that i did not knew existed with the 920 and 1520

Can't the phone was purchased on ebay because it was not available in my country, the seller got it from Hong Kong, and refuses to send it back. So i am stuck with it, Nokia was so reputable for making good phones, my wp7 lg phone lasted 3 years without problems, Nokia has quality control issues, and are no longer the same company of the past.

No thanks. Way too big. I really hope the form factor of the 925 lives on this year in some reincarnation...

- 4,500 mAh

- 3 gb ram

- 64 go memory

- snapdragon 801

Well I would never have thought it would be ZTE that created the device of my dreams... 


With only a 13mp camera?  I'll pass.  That's a loser of a device.  And it's ugly...like almost every other smartphone on ANY platform.

Great, so it could have the ability to record 4k video *and connect* to a 4k monitor to stream native resolution but will it have MHL 3.0 like the Android devices with the same specs?  Damn, I wish these WPs had a TV-out way of connecting.