ZTE reiterates desire to bring their devices to the US but raises other questions

ZTE Tania

Back in January, ZTE was optimistic on bringing their range of Windows Phone to the US. At the time, they noted "The United States and China will be key engines driving our smartphone sales" which seemed ambitious, only because navigating the sea of US carrier approval is a tough goal to accomplish.

Now in a article on CNet, ZTE is once again promising to bring the Windows Phone Tania to US shores by the end of the year.

In of itself, this is not news at all. It is simply ZTE re-stating what they said five months ago to Reuters. What makes us scratch our head is if the ZTE Tania, a relatively low-end Windows Phone 7.5 device, is coming by year's end to the US--what OS will it be running?

It seems odd to want to sell what is at best a low-range phone from 2011 right when Windows Phone 8 is reportedly launching at the the same time. The Tania sports a 4.3" screen, 1GHz CPU, 5MP rear-camera and a measly 4GB of storage. Presumably some of that will be upgraded which is fine, we did like the Tania for what is was back at CES (see our hands on after the break).

But will they really launch a device with Windows Phone 7.5 by December? Or will it have perhaps another OS on board, like Windows Phone 8? We really have no idea as that status of Windows Phone 7.5 as an OS is unknown at this point, which makes ZTE's plans curious. Maybe they are planning on selling direct as a pay-as-you-go phone or maybe they are planning on updating the hardware and OS for the US, in which case are we really still talking about the Tania?

Like we said, this raises some interesting questions. Either way though, we're happy to see ZTE try their hand at the US market.

Source: CNet


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ZTE reiterates desire to bring their devices to the US but raises other questions


Good questions raised.
In addition, my questions would be are they planning to bring it to one of the big 4 carriers, or rather if one of the big 4 would be willing to subsidize the device?  Or perhaps ZTE is working with regional carriers (i.e. Cricket, U.S. Cellular)?
What would be even better would be they could introduce prepaid with Virgin Mobile, or Boost, etc. which would allow those unwilling or unable to afford a 2 yr contract to experience Window Phone at affordable plan rates.
Guess we'll have to wait and see :)

We definitely need some Windows Phones on those types of carriers. The LG Optimus (I think) is the best Android smartphone on Virgin and I see people (teens especially) with it all the time. While it doesn't seem like a big deal, Android has this low-end smartphone area covered, but provides a crappy end-user experience that Windows Phone could easily out-do.

If it's gonna run Windows Phone 7.5 in late 2012 (this year) when windows phone 8 is already out, will this mean the start of fragmentation for Windows Phone? ;(

I wish the tania comes to the US by the end of the year with wp8. That would mean that all phones are upgradeable... We will see.

I don't know who the heck ZTE is except from this site, so how is the average consumer going to know who they are or care what they're selling if they're selling a low-end device isn't even different or special from what's already on the market? If they want to expand to the US, they need to bring something new and exciting the way Nokia did.

Just a thought but maybe Tania is a line/series of phones much like the galaxy and focus are to Samsung? And maybe its a not a top of the line series but entry level series. Just a personal thought.

Not that we have to do a comparison with android but how many phones have been released with gingerbread around the release or even AFTER the release of ICS? Hell, how many froyo phones were released after gingerbread? And were they still purchased? Yes. Some people aren't techies...they just want a usable phone that gets the job done..mango does all that and smokes any low end android around so who cares what it ships with? Its still gonna be a pretty sweet device for someone looking for a low cost phone! If only it had more memory...

Look, as far as I'm concerned WP8 could come out as the mainstream Windows Phone for the US and world over, while continuing to maintain a CR3 WP7.5 1/2 for pay as you go, no contract and emerging market...this doesn't really have to make it as horribly fragged as the 'Borg phones. Cover all bases Microsoft with better quality compared to the rest!