ZTE Tania launching in China within days, gets a CPU upgrade

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ZTE is slowly growing to be an important partner with Microsoft and Windows Phone as they're one of the largest OEMs in the world (that you never heard of). Their "Tania" has been around for some time now but it surprisingly hasn't launched yet in China, which received its big Windows Phone push last month with Nokia and HTC leading the way.

Now it looks like the device will finally be out within days though no specific carrier has been announced. According to Wei Xiaodong, ZTE sales director, the phone will be released by the end of this month and will get a CPU bump from 1GHz to 1.4Ghz--a trend we're seeing with the more premium Windows Phones like the 710 and Focus 2. Everything else will stay the same though: 4.3" screen, 4GB storage, 512MB RAM and a 5MP camera. Of course the OS is expected to be "Tango" for the Chinese localization.

We played with the Tania back at CES and actually like the little guy. While perhaps not amazing by certain standards, for a premium Windows Phone it's actually well done. ZTE has also announced plans to make a push here in the United States and it will be curious to see how that pans out.

See our hands-on video on the ZTE Tania from CES 2012 here.

Source: CNMO; via Unwired View


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ZTE Tania launching in China within days, gets a CPU upgrade


Because MS no longer cares, WP7 devices won't get WP8 update, keybord bug fix and other updates were skipped, they allowed carriers to skip as many updateas as they want and they don't roll Tango even though it RTMed 3 months ago,

He (Daniel) won't respond to you because you obviously haven't been reading the blogs on this site for the past few months.  I assume you have an ATT phone if you have a windows phone at all.  I'm pretty sure a good number of carriers have released the 8107 (keyboard bug fix).  Yes, ATT hasn't as of yet but someone on this site generously explained how to update your phone within in minutes.  If you haven’t done so, I would say that's your problem.  As far as Apollo is concerned, I wouldn't get your panties in a bunch until an official announcement has been made.  Maybe June?  So you before you go off you might want to tune it down notch and do a search for how to update your phone.

He sounds frustrated and with good reason.  Sure, we can hack our phones at our own risk, but that is not an acceptable solution.  I do think his frustration is misdirected at Microsoft, but they did lead us to believe that they had more control over the update process than they actually did.  AT&T should be ashamed of themselves.  Sprint, too.  Let us also not forget the poor Lumia 710 on T-Mobile, which is also yet to get 8107.  (I haven't been tracking the other carriers around the world)
A Tango release to all would smooth everything over, but there's been no talk.  I hope this happens, even for the EOL devices.  I am already prepared to not get WP8, but I do think Tango should be given to all and then we can say farewall to future WP7.x updates.

Stop crying, the keyboard on my L900 isn't disappearing and when your late to the game, sometime your have to put up with some crap from cell providers

What are you talking about?I've Gotten all updates on my Rogers device,My buddy who is on Bell had gotten all updates as well.

then, 1. dont get a branded phone. 2. dont get a subsized phone. if you did... then why are you complaining? you are playing Carriers rules and Microsoft doesn't have enough marketshare to tell carriers what to do. also... you dont know if exisiting phones will get wp8, or you work at microsoft? i bet you dont so. dont talk like you knew everything... because again, dont like it? again, get an unbranded phone and thats it. and of course if you dont get it for your unbranded phone, go and complain to the OEM, you know they are the ones who will care to update a phone or no aswell. if they dont want it, microsoft cant do anything.

Its got nothing to do with "allowing carriers" or that "MS don't care"
Carriers rule the agreements with phone platform providers (except for Apple) and therefore if they want to block updates they will and there is little that MS or anyone else can do about it.
MS plainly cares but is once again tied by the carriers because without them there is no netork for the phones to operate on.

Well the OEMs need to release the update for their handsets. Nokia is already releasing ROMs for handsets in Asia and Europe, I think the date set for the global rollout is June.

You are correct but it's still ridiculous. It's exactly like my ISP trying to control updates to my internet router. My carrier has absolutely nothing to do with my phone, and I think it's ridiculous that I can't decide to update my phone myself. I should be able to do what I want with my own possessions. A carrier just provides access to the mobile network and to the internet - they shouldn't be gatekeepers of functionality on my phone. I shouldn't have to jailbreak my phone just to gain control over something that is mine.

The carrier has nothing to do with your phone? You realize that phones are made to work on specific carriers right? Like the lumia 900 is built with everything it needs to work on att. The phone in its braded state, for all intents and purposes, is tied to it's carrier. That said, I do agree that MS (or even the oem) should have more control over updates, but when you have to work your way up, its tough because you have to cater to the people selling your product (carriers).

Perhaps in the US, but in Australia phones are usually triple or quad-band to support ALL carriers - the only special one is Telstra NextG but Telstra still use other bands compatible with all phones. So my phone is not made for only one carrier specifically. I bought my phone from ebay (brand new phone) but it is Telstra branded so I have to wait for updates from them, even though I'm with Vodafone. Vodafone don't sell my phone, so I'll never get updates from them even if I changed brands. I see hardware and software as 2 separate entities... The hardware may have a Telstra logo on it, but the software is from MS. If I want my hardware handled then I'll see the carrier, if I want my software updated I want to deal with MS and not some middle-man that doesn't care unless I'm buying new hardware. Unbranding is the only option, but that isn't without it's issues. I really just want a way to opt-out of carrier controlled updates, without having to hack my phone.

Sprint has no idea about tango update. This disappearing keyboard makes me wanna throw this phone across the room. HTC arrive. Just closed on me 5 freaking times while typing..aarrrgghhhh..

I saw it on my Arrive for a while, but then I realized I just have to use the hardware keyboard...

Is 4GB enough memory? It just doesn't seem enough if you start putting even a small amount of music on the phone.  Are they assuming the Chinese market just doesn't need that kind of space? 

Lol no... Even 16 GB is tiny these days, even though it seems to be the default for WP (I realise there are some crap 8 GB models out there too). 32 GB should be the bare minimum, with a expandable memory for those that want more.

I'd be fine with 4GB if there was also a microSD card slot.  WP8 is rumored to support expandable storage, but we'll see...

WP7 supports expandable memory too, but for some reason the original focus is the only one that has a slot. I wonder why?

it's more than enough for them. their music with those eight tone traditional instruments has a monumental lesser data usage compaired to our complex country music, for example.

Lol @ the whole MS doesn't care, half these trolls say ridiculous comments like this and then add "that's why im going back to android" as if that platform isn't even MORE screwed up on upgrades. Wow, so our biggest gripe is every once in a while, the keyboard disappears and you have to click on the screen to get it back? And we can't deal with that for one month more? Its right around the corner! Its coming...if you have a WP, it should be worth the wait, still the most unique and enjoyable platform out there, and one small lil inconvienence for a short amount of time shouldn't be a dealbeaker. - focus s user

Why nowadays everyone who criticizes anything is a troll? Back in my days it was called an opinion, a complain, or something

Criticism is always welcome, shooting off comments that have no basis or you didnt do your reading before saying something makes you sound like a troll. Your criticism didnt earn you troll status, your tone did. Say that a little nicer and people will be more than happy to address your concerns, even if you dont read every article posted here.

Agreed.  I don't think any reasonable person can argue that MS doesn't care about WP -- MS has a lot invested in this product in time, money, reputation and possibly their future.
My buggy laggy v2.2 Optimus has yet to receive a sanctioned update from T-mobile, which I had before I received my HD7.

I love how we're all teaming up on this one guy... Lol. Sorry Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, but there are answers to your questions.