ZTE Tania Windows Phone receives another price drop to just £199

ZTE Tania

The pricing for the upcoming ZTE Tania low-spec Windows Phone at Clove UK has plummeted to just £199 (from £250), a price that will interest anyone who is making the switch from feature handsets. The handset, which features a 4.3" screen, 1Ghz processor, 5MP camera, and 4GB storage is nothing short of amazing but for anyone who doesn't require storage for music and the like it's a good choice. With a 1Ghz chip, the user experience of the OS will remain stable as you'd expect on a higher end model.

Clove states that this new price reduction places ZTE's Windows Phone £95 cheaper than the Samsung Omnia W, the arguably more cost effective choice. This new pricing could be to match the Lumia 710, which can also be found at Three and Vodafone for £199 (and sports more storage, better screen and processor). Nokia is aggressively tagging their handsets so ZTE will need to react to this with more competitive pricing should they wish consumers to pick up their product.

The ZTE Tania is not yet available at Clove, but will be released in a reported ten days time. Will you be picking one up (or recommending it to someone)?

Source: Clove UK (ZTE Tania), thanks Richard for the heads up!


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ZTE Tania Windows Phone receives another price drop to just £199


I personally think the Omnia W is a better buy. 4GB of storage and a 1st gen processor? really? are we back in 2007 now?
Also don't forget that ZTE with its specs probably won't get the Apollo update.

Stop spreading FUD.  Microsoft has not said what requirements are necessary for Apollo.  You could just as easily say that none of the current phones will get Apollo.

Think you misused the phrase "nothing short of amazing" there. Bit confusingly worded sentence, that. :)

Well won't mind buying and using it as a back up phone..!!! Happy with my Dell Venue Pro, but the ZTE pricing is too tempting to resist..!!
Good luck :D

It is still too expensive when you put it up against the Nokia Lumia 710 which can be had for the same price, but has double the memory and a faster processor, as is state in the article. If ZTE as budget brand being release in the UK for the first time carrying its own name (if memory serves me right) wants to move some handsets it will have to price itself lower than one of the most recognized brands -- Nokia.