Zune Marketplace now open in Sweden for Windows Phone users

Microsoft's gears are still grinding away with Mango this fall, pushing out USB updates, new Mango apps and even launching the Marketplace in more regions, something that many desperately  want. It's the latter here that is most interesting as Sweden looks to be the lucky country today get Zune Marketplace access.

Reader Bruno H. has sent in these images along with his story about how very recently this all went live:

"Yesterday when i opened Zune on my pc, suddenly there was a new option in Zune that I had never seen before.

It was the Marketplace that had opened. I could rent movies (for points) and purchase and download WP7 Apps (for money). I bought an app I had on trial (Sally's Salon) to try the functionality. The Purchase went through but Sally on my WP7 device (Samsung Omnia 7) never got updated. Could be that I need Mango to get the purchases to download through Zune?"

Currency is in the native kronor as well. As to why Bruno can't actually update his phone with the game, we're not entirely sure but he may be on to something that this requires Mango on the phone already. If not, the other explanation is that things are completely "live" yet. Either way, it's nice to see the juggernaut that is Microsoft and Windows Phone trudging forward. Hopefully more territories are coming next. Thanks Bruno for reaching out to us and congrats!


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Zune Marketplace now open in Sweden for Windows Phone users


Wow. I open zune twice a week to update my podcasts and have missed this for a month :-)How is the App purchasing working for you? Are you able to buy apps in the swedish marketplace and get them delivered to you phone? And if so what version of WP7 are you on?

I don't have a Windows Phone, I'm waiting for Mango. Just using the Zune software as media player :) So I havent bought any apps. Rented the movie "The Omega man" (1971 version of "I am legend") though and it worked, although bad video quality :(The Swedish marketplace (and the Swedish translation of the software) came with the 4.8 update by the way

Please Microsoft show Greece some love too. We need it for psychological reasons if u know what i mean (hint: economy)

HOld man, I think the Zune marketplace, apps/games at least (no zune pass for music etc) works in greece already.

First of all: The person that decided it was a good idea to place a cancel button where people instincivly will click for the post button is a douche. Who the **** uses a cancel button in a web form? The whole idea is just pointless. /rantAnyhow.. There is a major problem with the new Marketplace regions that has been given almost no publicity at all. A majority of the apps that was released before the marketplace update (that happened about a month ago) aren't available in the new regions. This is because developers doesn't care about logging in to AppHub and changing the region settings, a process that usually takes about 5 minutes (depending on if the Silverlight interface in AppHub decides to crash and bring your browser down with it or not).And again: Remove the **** Cancel button, I've almost removed this post twice...

Seeing the Marketplace on the Zune client is just one part of the story. It doesn't mean opening up of Marketplace in the country. When you can access the Marketplace directly on your phone, then you know its fully functional. Marketplace on Zune had opened up in India for a few days in April too, but Zune Support later termed it as a mistake. In the case of Norway, Sweden etc., it seems like preparation for Mango release.By the way, apps purchased through Zune on PC take a little time to get installed OTA on the phone. But updating of an app from trial to paid will not happen unless Mango is already installed (or you hard reset your phone). If you make a fresh purchase though, it will surely get installed on your phone.

Why is this suddenly being reported as news now? On the 24th of August when Microsoft released the Zune 4.8 software, they released their (pretty vague) chart of some of the Zune Marketplace expansions and this was listed back then.On the 24th, when that software was released, I went through and checked all the different service availabilities and updated the more detailed chart I've been making about Windows Phone feature & Zune Marketplace expansion and the Swedish Zune Video Marketplace was quite visible back on the 24th of August. It has also expanded to a few other countries such as Japan, Norway & Finland. We're just waiting on any Music related announcements now.My Chart: http://andrewtechhelp.com/andrews-tech-opinions/126-windows-phone-7-feat...

Finally!Have been using an American live account for the past 8 month to be able to download the apps. Even though my Swedish account are developer-unlocked I couldn't use it to download apps from the Marketplace due to restrictions. I could publish apps but not download them. Smart strategy there Microsoft.

The marketplace has been available in Finland since i downloaded Mango and Zune 4.8 sometimes in mid August. Probably in Sweden too. At first there were only a handful of apps, but they have steadily increased.The new marketplaces requires Mango. They will not work with a NoDo-phone.

It's too bad the Zune mp3 player never took off. I'm guessing if MS had a bigger share of the music market then more studios would be willing to cut Microsoft a nice licensing deal, thus, bringing Zune Pass to many more countries.