Zune Marketplace retiring as early as November 22nd

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Microsoft just sent out a notice that Zune Marketplace will no longer support rental and purchase of content, or browsing movies and TV shows, beginning as early as November 22, 2013. This is part of the Fall 2013 update that also retires Microsoft Points for local currency. Remaining Microsoft Points balance are transitioned to local currency when initiating a purchase or redeeming a Microsoft Points card or code on your Xbox 360.

For videos, you can rent and buy the latest movies and TV shows using Xbox Video on Xbox 360, or Windows 8.1 and RT PCs and tablets. You can access Xbox Video on the web and Xbox One console starting November 22nd. Windows Phone 8 devices get it as early as this holiday.

For music, you can purchase your favorite songs and albums using local currency on Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets. No word on Windows Phone 8.

In a similar recent announcement, Microsoft announced that "Xbox Video content you own as of then, will no longer be playable through the Zune PC client, Zune devices, or Windows Phone 7 devices", signaling the further end of Zune. 

What will replace all of this Zune functionality for video playback and rental? Microsoft did announce the Xbox Video app coming for Windows Phone, so perhaps the stars will align soon.

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Zune Marketplace retiring as early as November 22nd


"I pledge allegiance to the Zune of the United Microsoft 8.1 and to the Windows Phone for which it stands, one nation under Microsoft, indivisible, with liberty and Updates for all."

Not for me it doesn't and several people on the MS boards. Seems to work for some and not for others. If you use it, did you have it on 8.0 then upgraded to 8.1 and it worked? I'm trying to figure out what the problem might be.

All I need is for the Zune to sync with the music files on my PC and I don't care how it's done as long as it works properly, which from what I'm reading, it doesn't with anything other than the Zune software.

Well, yeah. I guess that's what he meant.There's actually no better way to use it than the Zune software. I have come to accept XBOX MUSIC and Zune Music as separate entities.

I look at it as getting two subs with one account. My WP8 I use exclusively with XBOX MUSIC. I don't download anything on the PC through XBOX MUSIC. Only on my phone. Everything PC related I use My Zune software. Actually, I even stopped using the XBOX MUSIC software. I use the web app exclusively.

Yes and also left out that xboxvideo.com is going live on the 22nd. That is huge to leave out....

I was worried that my 10 credits would finally disappear, but I'm glad to find out that they won't.

Are you talking about the ten free songs a month?  I have that as well and as of today still don't see any way of using them in the xBox Music app for Windows 8.1.

You can buy songs using your credits using Windows Phone 8 (post GDR2 I think).  Ive doing that for a couple months now.  Then copy the songs using the Windows Phone app for Windows 8.

They will one day, I bought Iron Man on Zune and now don't have access anymore and am being prompted to buy it again. Digital services are crap.

This is really messed up. I used to listen to music all the time through Zune at work. Using Xbox Music on 8/8.1 blows. I guess they just hate desktop users. Whoever came up with this plan should be kicked in the nuts.

If it does go live, we'll probably just get the 3rd party version months later called netcloud. :P

Nov 22nd is turning out to be a Huge Day for Microsoft.... XBOX ONE Launch, NOKIA Lumia 1520, NOKIA 2520 Tablet now ZUNE shutdown.

Wait, so does that mean I can't download Xbox music content on Zune anymore? When I download it through the music app on windows 8.1, it won't work in Winamp!!!

Because it's not supposed to. You're leasing the music. You don't own it, unless you're grandfathered with the 10 songs

Don't worry, it's industry standard. You don't own anything from any subscription that gives you unlimited downloads.

I'm just saying that it didn't mention music as being phased out of the Zune client the headline that WP central uses isn't even the one ms used in the email

That leaves my 10 Free Downloads o'er month where exactly?

This us the kind of shitty customer service that MS is legendary for.What about the millions of WinPhone7 users who's devices have just been relegated to junk status? WP7 is the dominant version in lots if developing markets, dies MS just expect everyone there to happily shell out for another MS product after this? I swear the CR and Marketing people at MS all need to go!

From the Zune website:

I’m on the original Zune Music Pass that allows me to download 10 songs per month. Will I still be able to redeem my song credits in the Zune Marketplace?
Yes. There will be no impact to your original Zune Music Pass or your ability to redeem your 10 monthly song credits.

So all my previous purchased videos will no longer work on my PC thru Zune? How? I've downloaded them. Are they gonna send an update that kills the Zune player? I don't follow. I love Zune. I hate this ending.

I still use my 80g Zune almost every day. I just hope I can still sync it with my computer since I am constantly adding new music all the time. Zune, come back!

I just sadly discovered that you cannot. Zune is not compatible with 8.1. Had I known, I wouldn't have upgraded.

Not sure if you're speaking about in the future, but as of current both my desktop and laptop run 8.1 and I'm able to use my Zune software and sync my Zune HD with both computers.

This is pretty stupid. It was only launched in Australia something like 18 months ago. We couldn't buy or rent anything for the first 12 months after WP7 launched. I realise it's been in the US for much longer, but it still leaves a bitter taste for those that aren't on-board with W8 or WP8 yet. It doesn't affect me, but I know a few people that won't be too happy about it.

I've never bought any kind of content with zmp, however it's my #1 music playback software on my desktop. Nothing else comes close to it. As long as I can't still play my music through it I'll be very happy.

Another ecosystem Microsoft has bailed on and left us high and dry. Ugh (and no, Xbox Music and Video doesn't even come close to be a replacement).

To bad because ms wants you to spend 500 for xboxone..zune on the desktop rocks..the more I see from ms the less I'm liking it. Very slow updates things still don't work right in 8.1 and wp8

Yup. I have a 1020 and I when I look @ my current transfer tool vs Zune I draw a look on my face like the one the cowboy had in the opening of the movie Wagons East with John Candy.

More importantly, what about the 10 credits that those of us who have the grandfathered Zune Pass?  Are we losing that once we are forced to use Xbox Music exclusively?

Hopefully WPCENTRAL can get clarification on this. All I have ever read leads me to believe we'll be safe for the time being. But I think we're next on the list :-(

Long as I can sync my own data to my Focus, I am happy. I will be switching to Android soon. When WP8 and W8 store merges I will consider buying a Windows Phone again.

This leaves some important questions.
1. Can we still use our Zune players?
2. If so, will we be able to sync new content to our Zune devices?

I really hope they have a consumer friendly solution that doesn't leave Zune lovers out to dry.