Zune update gets pushed out in preparation for Windows Phone 'NoDo'

We've heard that a new version of the Zune Desktop application is required for the upcoming Windows Phone 'NoDo' update and sure enough, an update just went live.

If you go to your Zune Desktop --> Settings --> Software --> General, you can force an update-check to grab v4.7.1404.0--which seems to be the same version as before, so we're unclear of any direct changes.

The new version of Zune Desktop is suppose to allow your Windows Phone to be backed up in preparation for 'NoDo', allowing you roll back if there are any problems during the flash. Of course the bigger news is this probably signifies that the actual Windows Phone update is only days, if not weeks away or that MS is gearing up for some changes in anticipation. (And call us crazy, but Zune seems to load a lot faster now).

Update: Cursory look so far reveals no significant changes besides perfomance. Find anything? Tell us in comments.

Update 2: While the overall version number is the same, two components have changed as noted by reader mparker: ZuneWmdu.dll and ZuneWmduResources.dll are both now v4.7.1407. Microsoft's support page in fact mentions these as needed for the software backup: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2498092 So this does look like a prep for the 'NoDo' update.

Thanks, David M., for the great observation!


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Zune update gets pushed out in preparation for Windows Phone 'NoDo'


Downloading now (it pushed out through Windows Update, which I've never seen happen before although maybe I just haven't noticed). Hopefully someone can tear it appart and see if there's any new device drivers buried in it. MWC is next week and hopefully we'll finally get the final word on Verizon and Sprint.

I didn't check WU and just did a update check through the client itself. So far the only thing I noticed is that it started up faster after, dunno if that's not just me or maybe it's cuz it's not loading all the data right from the start like it might have before?

Wow Zune sure is a lot faster I have to agree, hope this is a sign of an impending WP7 update. Getting excited here LOL :o)

I wonder why they didn't at least change the version number if all we did get was performance updates? At least a small build bump would have been something, like making it 4.7.1410.0 at least.

Yeah, it is a TON faster loading up now. And I agree with KeegdnaB42....us Verizon customers need some HOPE that we will one day get to actually USE a wp7 device...

I'm with Sprint, but I hear you. Let's get some CDMA devices going! This better come soon, I am dying here with my BB Tour.

It seems to load a bit faster. But unfortunately it still uses an impressive amount of CPU and memory. CPU: 54%Mem: 178.000 KIt jumps up and down, mem can be higher or lower.CPU jumps as well, but never tends to be below 23%I have a x64 bit version.I hope it will be fixed in future updates.

Zune has used that much memory (or more-- I regularly see it pegging over 200MB) as long as I've been using it. No news there. CPU usage obviously varies by spec. Any idea what CPU usage used to be?

It has always been high on my laptop - Lenovo T400s. I have not been able to figure out what causes this. It does not seem to affect the overall performance of my pc though. In comparison iTunes uses about 1 - 5% CPU. I just think the amount on CPU on Zune is critical for what it actually does.

Maybe it's just me but when playing music my CPU doesn't go higher than ~3%. i7 920 for me. As for Videos, I dunno, i mostly use it for music really.

I'm playing a mp3 right now, don't even go over 3%, and RAM is way down at 36MB. Well, I do have it minimized so maybe that ocmes into play as far as memory goes.Core i7 920 with 3GB of RAM for my system.

Correction, ram is at 107MB, the 36MB was for Zoomplayer (which i use mostly for videos) was looking at the wrong exe in task manager.

The only files that appear to have changed are ZuneWmdu.dll and ZuneWmduResources.dll. I'm guessing that these are the Zune Windows Mobile Device Updater dlls.These files are now showing a version of 4.7.1407. All other files in the Zune directory including Zune.exe are still at version 4.7.1404.I'm not sure why people are claiming that Zune is faster; none of the other dlls or exes have changed.

I don't know what to say. I agree with you that none of the other libraries appear to have a version change, except for the Windows Mobile Device Updater libraries. I can say that the Zune Desktop does indeed load faster on both my laptop and desktop.And come on Microsoft. People can't get the correct name of Windows Phone 7, yet you use "Windows MOBILE Device Updater?" WTF!

Technically the Zune HD is a mobile device so they can still justify the unchanged name. I definitely get what you're saying though.

I'm in agreement with everyone else except mparker. Zune loads at least twice as fast as did before. Maybe the updated other DLLs, but didn't change the version number? I don't know, they didn't change the version number of the mail program either, but it is certainly not the same.Edit: It is also much faster moving around in the software, try clicking on Apps and changing categories.

lol, in fairness I think he's just being skeptical: it's like if I told you I changed your car's oil yet you notice the car being faster--on the face of it, it doesn't make sense and shouldn't matter. Same here. On the face of it, Zune shouldn't be faster but clearly, I think it is.

I noticed a huge bump in performance in the software. Also I seem to be able to download 5 songs at a time now. I was able to download a album in 20 seconds :p (I have FiOS)

With respect to Paul, two things:(1) Does anyone really think Microsoft would tell us, openly, that this was related to the update? They seem to be coy on the whole update timing and I doubt they would(2) It doesn't make sense. The update fixes this issue: "The Zune software stops responding when attempting to back up Windows Phone 7" http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2498092When was the last time you did a Windows Phone 7 backup? Never. Because there has never been a need to do it without a ROM update. So how can they be fixing such a minor thing that none of us use, but *will* use with the ROM update?Just sounds weird...

@Daniel - totally agree and MS support tech probably just didn't really know about this one - they are only human.The whole Zune update certainly seems aimed at being ready for the WP7 update and we have rumours that it will drop Friday - lets hope so

Rumour had it the update was going to ship shortly after release of the release of WP7. Rumour had it the update was going to release in January. Rumour had it the update was going to release Feb 7. I have also heard rumours that it will release March 21st and more that it will release in 2-3 more months. There is no credibility in anything you hear about WP7 right now.

I just want a new phone. The more email (spam) I get about deals and whatnot for Windows Phones and the more I visit this site and see all the cool new stuff that I can't have the more angry I get that Sprint (and Verizon) aren't included.

I had to re-configure Wireless Sync after this update. Anybody experienced anything like that?It would be perfect "Microsoft thinking", that the best time for pushing out NoDo is at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (14 Feb). Well, IMHO the best time for the update would be ASAP.

i have a mac and i do not see anything with my windows phone connect does that mean we are left out or what? or do i have to find and do it manually tweet me or messade me twitter @frankied101