1 Phoenix Force

1 Phoenix Force is one of the latest Windows Phone 8 titles funded through the AppCampus project. It is a fast-paced shooter where you control a variety of Phoenixes as they battle over seventy bosses to save the Earth.

We have seen some fantastic titles being generated through the AppCampus such as Dark Lands, SongArc and Foundbite. In the short time we’ve spend with 1 Phoenix Force, it has the potential of being another success story for the AppCampus project.

The story line is simple with 1 Phoenix Force; destroy the enemy bosses before they destroy you.

1 Phoenix Force has a gaming map that calls upon you to travel from continent to continent battling these bosses. You won’t have to worry with battling minions, instead you go straight to the head honcho, the big cheese, the big kahuna. The game has seventy bosses to wage battle with that have a vast collection of weapons to throw at you.

1 Phoenix Force

Levels are progressively unlocked, re-playable and as you progress through the game additional Phoenix Force members become unlocked. Levels become harder the further you progress and there will be times you have to face multiple bosses at the same time.

The pace of the game is quick and you have to stay on your toes to avoid enemy fire. Phoenixes are controlled by touch with your weapons fire done automatically. Settings cover sound and music levels along with turning on/off the game's vibration feature.

If you are in need for a quick gaming fix, 1 Phoenix Force should fit the bill nicely. 1 Phoenix Force is a free game that is available for Windows Phone 8.

You can find 1 Phoenix Force here in the Windows Phone Store.

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