Surface Pro 3

Here's a sweet deal if you're looking to pick up the Surface Pro 3 in the UK when it launches next week. Voucher codes and deals website Quidco has £100 off the Microsoft tablet (through cashback) to match other neat deals available on Windows laptops at various retailers. The only problem with this offer is it expires today, so you better hurry through and make the purchase if interested.

Since Quidco is only supplying a voucher code, the official Microsoft Store is where all purchases will be made for the tablet, so rest assured it's a legit deal. What makes this offer that bit more exciting is Microsoft will kick off sales for the Surface Pro 3 on August 28 here in the UK, but you'll be able to enjoy a full £100 off the £639 price. Check out our previous coverage (as well as our full review) for more details on the tablet.

So, who's picking one up?

Source: Quidco, via: WinBeta