Windows Store Gift Cards

The holiday shopping season is getting in full swing, and that includes consumers buying apps for all those new Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 devices. This week, Microsoft said there will be up to $100 million in Windows Store gift cards available for consumers to help them purchase apps, music and video for those platforms.

Microsoft said:

"We are anticipating roughly $100 million (USD) in Windows Store Gift Cards to be available in market, starting this holiday season for consumers to purchase Windows and Xbox apps, games, music and video content across 41 markets. This includes gift cards available for purchase in retail stores or electronically as well as those distributed as part of promotional offers from retail and hardware partners."

Microsoft also indicated that we will see an increase in marketing and advertising for both Windows devices as well as the Windows Store itself. It advised app developers to have their creations ready to sell in the Store by November 19 for Thanksgiving (US) and December 16 for the Christmas holiday, due to an expected increase in overall app downloads during that time period. Microsoft said:

"During the holiday period of 2013, Windows Store saw 2.4x more revenue than the Jan-Nov average. We expect to see a similar trend as we begin the 2014 holiday season with the US Thanksgiving holiday on November 27, extending through January 2015."

Will you be buying a new Windows Phone or Windows 8.1 PC during the holiday shopping season?

Source: Microsoft