Azkend 2

10tons continues to roll out new gaming titles for our Windows Phone 8 devices. This week it's the puzzle game Azkend 2.

Azkend 2 is a feature rich puzzle game that has three gaming modes, two challenges and the main adventure/story line mode which has over sixty levels of play. It is a matching game where you have to find connecting matches of three or more of the same symbols.

Azkend's story mode has you on a journey from Liverpool to New York. Your ship gets caught up in a storm and gets sucked into a giant maelstrom that sends you to the center of the earth. You solve the puzzles in an effort to escape and return to civilization.

Azkend 2 screens

As you would expect with any 10tons game, the graphics are outstanding, storyboards in between levels nicely done and the narration very classy. Along with the main puzzles you also have some side games that have an "eye spy" feel to it.  You are presented with a snippet of a picture (the little circle in the upper right corner) and you have to find that snippet in the main picture.  It's a nice break from the faster paced matching portion of Azkend 2.

In just tinkering with Azkend 2 for a few minutes, it comes across as a challenging puzzle game that can easily help you pass short bits of time or satisfy your gaming urges for longer sessions. We'll have a full review on Azkend 2 on the site shortly.

In the meantime, there is a trial version available for your Windows Phone 8 device and the full version of Azkend 2 is currently running $3.99. You can find it all here in the Windows Phone Store.

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