13CABS Taxi is a free mobile cab booking app for Windows Phone users in Melbourne. 13CABS allows users to by-pass call queues and book taxis direct to their location using the Windows Phones' location services. Other features include:

  • Create multiple booking for future dates and times.
  • Use previous locations and maintain a library of favorites for quicker bookings.
  • Where's my Cab? feature allows users to check the real-time location of their cab.
  • Fare estimator to give you a good indication of how much a particular fare will cost.
  • Ability to sync with their my13Cabs account.

There is also a "shake to whistle" feature you can use to hail a cab to your location. All in all, 13CABS Taxi looks like a great app for your Windows Phone if you rely on taxis.

Again, this app is restricted to the Melbourne, Australia Marketplace. You should be able to download your free copy of 13CABS Taxi here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Source: WPDownUnder