Call it a merger of rumors, but is claiming that the HTC Bresson is the same device in that HTC commercial, the one that mentions a 16MP camera and shows clearly a Windows Phone-design. Combined with the leaked T-Mobile roadmap from ThisIsMyNext (the ex-Engadget team's new gig) which mentions the 'Bresson' for a post-September release (hello 'Mango') and you have yourselves a nice flagship phone.

Though the rest of the specs are unknown, as is the final design (though this is clearly influenced by the Nexus One + Desire S, which we really like), you can bet besides a 16MP camera (really?) the next gen Qualcomm chipset, 800x480 resolution and probably a boatload of memory.

Could Windows Phone 7.5 really be the big moment, the big push that we've all be waiting for? Big hardware, big new OS features and some street-cred? We sure think so.

Side note: People in photography know who is Bresson is, but for the rest.

Source: Pocketnow, ThisIsMyNext