It's well known Windows Phone is missing some apps that we'd like to see. A few weeks ago we were missing a solid app for the site Ffffound and decided on a whim to ask developers to make one. RogueCode answered our app-request and we are.

If you have never been to the site Ffffound ( you should take a moment and do just that, don't worry, we'll wait. Okay, as you can see, Ffffound is a site dedicated to pop art, photography and image design. Some really interesting pics are curated there and they more often than not they tend to make exciting wallpapers for your Windows Phone Lock-screen, hence our interest in wanting an app. Within a few days of RogueCode taking us up on our offer and tossing some ideas back and forth between us and him, he had a finalized app that was ready.  And darn it all, it's a gorgeous little thing--fast, smooth and intuitive to use.

Ffffound by RogueCode

The app features the ability to save, favorite and even share any images, not to mention it is easy to navigate and surprisingly fast, even over 3G. The app features a Live Tile too that flips over revealing the latest image on the site. So if you're into pop art, interesting images or photography, or you're just looking for a sweet resource for wallpapers, this is your app. You can grab it here for $0.99 with a free trial in the Marketplace. Also check out his other apps, like Tweet This Song.

Oh and we're thinking of making this a regular feature: we ask a developers to make an app, work with them on design and features and then we highlight it on the site. Anyone else think that's a good idea?

QR: Ffffound