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Time for a public service announcement. We’ve reported on the demise of Microsoft Points on the Xbox platform in the past. The community has been divided on whether they like or dislike the point system. Well it doesn’t matter anymore how you feel, because Microsoft is moving away from points to local currencies. And it’s starting today.

A few readers have tipped us this morning about an update for the Xbox 360. What’s new in the update? We’re hearing that MS Points have been retired alongside some aesthetic changes. Sure enough, Major Nelson and Xbox have confirmed that the 2013 Xbox Live update is slowly rolling out to users. This update does include a conversion of MS Points to local currency.

After you receive and install the update you’ll walk through a guide detailing the change. Your current MS Point balance will be converted to your local currency. It will round up, not down, in situations where you don’t get a nice number. The amount will be applied to your Microsoft account so you can purchase content in other places like the Windows Phone Store.

Read up on the FAQ posted to the Xbox website. It details a few other changes like needing to use the amount added to your account at the time of transition by June 1, 2015. Codes and gift cards you get for MS Points will be redeemable for the remainder of the year.

Source: Major Nelson

Thanks for the tip Hitesh S!