WP Central 24 Weeks of Windows Phone Design now available to download


Windows Phone brought with it Metro, the design principles that have gone on to reach every aspect of Microsoft’s product line up. For those who have a keen interest in Metro and UX (user experience) in general you may have been following the excellent series by Arturo Toledo that explores all things Metro.

Arturo is a former senior user experience designer at Microsoft, the series has been fascinating and well worth a look.

He’s had countless calls to make the series available offline so now you can find a easily transportable PDF to read where you like. The series covers everything from Metro design principles right along to pushing metro further with design inspiration. In all you’ll be getting 192 pages of UX design guidance.

It shouldn’t be of any surprise that the series is wonderfully laid out and highly readable, what else would you expect from a UX designer? The book goes out ahead of the official Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 design and UX documentation so it comes with a short lifespan warning. But either way it’s a great addition to your UX and typography references. Even if you only have a passing interest in what Metro is about and how it came into being this is still for you.

One thing is for certain, Metro is everywhere now, Xbox, Windows and even the latest version of Server are on board with the changes. The stripping out of skeuomorphic elements such a leather effects and calendars with hints of real paper has been getting quite trendy since Metro presented a new authentically digital way of doing things. We’re sure it won’t just be Microsoft folks reading this series.. 

You can read more about it on his own blog where you can also download the PDF for you offline viewing pleasure.

Source : Toledo2