If you're not familiar with 2flicka, it's an unofficial Flickr app for Windows Phone. The app itself hasn't been live for very long, but already we're looking at yet another update. Previously, the developer added group support, galleries and a few other goodies, but today 2flicka has had a few fixes implemented, along with a more polished dark theme. Snap on past the break for the full read through.

Here's what is new in version 1.2.1:

  • Fixed share from gallery and OS picture hub resolution
  • Polished dark theme to show all elements everywhere
  • Added ability to create photosets from the photosets section
  • Smoother UI
  • Fixed live tile counts not reseting after application opens
  • Bugfixes

We strongly recommend you check this app out should you be an avid Flickr user. You can download 2flicka from the Windows Phone Store for $1.49 (Windows Phone 8 only - free 4 day trial available).

QR: 2flicka