Xbox One Console

The Xbox One has been out in the hands of consumers for nearly a week and a half. Since then a million plus Xbox Live users have accomplished some fairly impressive feats in all of the launch games. Let’s take a moment and remember those 9 billion zombies killed in Dead Rising 3, in the meantime we’ll check out some other stats from the Xbox Live gaming space.

The Xbox One has seen users spend over 50 million hours playing games and consuming other media like video and music. It’s only been out for 11 days, so those numbers are pretty big. The console itself is also sold out at most retailers around the world, but Microsoft says they’re working hard to replenish stock for the holiday season.

Here’s what the Xbox One community has accomplished in those 11 days:

  • 415 million Gamerscore points achieved
  • Over 150 million combos in Killer Instinct
  • Over 186 million enemies defeated in Ryse: Son of Rome
  • Over 90 million miles driven in Forza Motorsport 5
  • Over 3 billion zombies killed in Dead Rising 3

Xbox One Infographic

Those are some big numbers from the gaming community. Personally we can account for a few of those miles driven in Forza. Microsoft hasn’t shared any hard data on the number of Xbox One consoles sold and being used in homes just yet, but when and if they do we’ll let you folks know.

In the meantime, which of those stats above did you help contribute towards? Don’t forget to join the Windows Phone Central community on Xbox Live!

Source: Xbox