Many of you may remember the “iPhone App-a-Day”, wherein one enterprising iPhone developer created an iPhone app every single day for a month, many of which were actually useful and interesting.

Well we can't let those iPhone developers outdo us, can we? No sir, so Chris Craft (no relation to the boats, one assumes) is doing the same using the .Net Compact Framework and Windows Mobile. This is a great way to evangelize the platform:

But instead of telling people, I'm going to show them how easy it really is. The key here is simple: “Taking baby steps is better than taking no steps at all!” I plan on writing 30 mobile applications in the next 30 days. I will publish both the executable and the source code for each application. My goal is for each of these applications to be useful, interesting, and straight-forward. Someone considering writing their first Windows Mobile application should be able to look at these applications and “get it”. - [Chris Craft]

So far he's made a neat Minutes to Midnight (no relation, one assumes, to the Linkin Park Album), a Bluetooth manager, an excellent GPS Compass, and now a Mileage tracker complete with cost per 100 miles and max range.

...In other words, Windows Mobile not only is a great platform to develop for, it's easy to create powerful apps in a jiffy too. Bravo Mr. Craft! Check out the apps at his blog.