Normally we're not to big a fan of these paper ball games even though we know they're pretty huge in the Marketplace. Having said that, '3D Paperball' by A Trillion Games (see 'Race and Battle') is something worth trying. For one, it's free, so no risk there. Two, the "3D" in it is pretty awesome, especially with the physics and control. Just check out the video above--that's the actual game and it plays like that.

"The goal is still flicking a paperball into the bin, but this time the evil fan is gone, and you can use bounces against objects to redirect the ball into the goal, or shake the phone to slam the ball into the basket, gaining bonus shots and producing amusing visual effects.

The game features credible 3d physics, a very realistic 3d environment, multiple shooting styles, endless gameplay and the ability to compete instantly in a global leaderboard."

Granted, we're not too good at it, but that's where practice comes in and we suppose it'll keep us busy for awhile. You can pick it up here in the Marketplace.