One area we have not heard much about in regards to Windows Phone 7 is sound. And why would we? It's a handheld device, usually a single speaker and basically all we care about is how the speakerphone sounds. Everything so far has been about the visual but not the audio.

Well, turns out the audio abilities of XNA for Windows Phone 7 also has some features we didn't know about. In an interview with iTWire, developer Nick Randolph, the CEO of  Built to Roam (aka the same guy that used a Wii remote in his app demo at ReMix Australia), was asked what he thought was "cool and different" about the new OS.

His answer: the high quality of 3D sound

...which could simulate sound coming from behind you, on the side of you, as Windows Phone 7 devices have a concept of audio emitters and audio listeners, and based on where you position those you get different sound.

Randolph said that "you can use that to create different effects" in only "a dozen lines of code, part of the XNA framework and usable by Silverlight."

It's too early to know just how good it will sound in real life, but we're pretty stoked that hardware manufacturers and software developers can at least attempt to exploit this under-appreciated yet essential output for our increasingly busy "phones". Perhaps we'll even seen hardware manufacturers use high-end speakers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Bose-mobile, anyone?

Check out the rest of the interview for more developer feedback (page 2 and 3) at iTWire.