If you use SuperTube, LazyTube or any other 3rd party YouTube app, you may have noticed you've lost the ability to stream or even download videos in HQ/HD resolution. Instead, you're left only with "low quality" which is not exactly ideal.

Here's the situation, as explained to us by the developers of SuperTube:

"Today Youtube changed the resources address of videos. All Youtube client app can't stream the video in HQ or HD. The downloading video function doesn't work as well."

So that's the bad news and the reason why. The good news is that the developers of SuperTube have finished a v1.9 update, which we have on hand and we can say this fixes the issues. Version 1.9 for SuperTube has been submitted to the Marketplace and pending approval, should be available in 2-3 days.

We'll also bet that LazyTube will have a similar fix on the way, meaning this is just a temporary issue that we can all blame on Google :-P