The thing that always scares me about Consumer Reports is that their smartphone recommendations always seemed a little to me, so I would worry that their preferences for things like washing machines would also be off and I would never know it.

This year, though, Matt Miller points out that they gave some love to Windows Mobile and kindly lets us glimpse the important deets from their January paper-edition to see what their top five are:

  1. BlackJack II
  2. T-Mobile Wing
  3. Motorola Q9c
  4. T-Mobile Shadow
  5. BlackBerry Pearl Flip

Some kudos to ya, CSR -- the BlackJack II is probably one of the most under-rated smartphones out there. It's fast (though not fast enough for me), solid, well-built, and has great battery life. I'm also inordinately fond of the T-Mobile Shadow and the Motorola Q9c is pretty darn good too. All around, these phones are a great mix of power and affordability, a factor I have to assume kept such phones as the Touch Pro and, yes, even the iPhone 3G out of contention -- though it could also be, as Miller surmises, that they just didn't get to them in this round.

I have to ask, though, T-Mobile Wing? Really? It's a great phone and all, but build quality and speed leave much to be desired.

Bottom Line: Windows Mobile is a better choice than most people assume at first blush, especially in its non-touchscreen, Standard edition.