A new batch of 4 games has been added to the backward compatibility list for Xbox One. Announced by Xbox's Larry Hryb on Twitter, the latest additions are polar opposites, with two titles coming from the Dead Rising series and the other two coming from Disney.

First up are the two Dead Rising games, both of which are spinoffs of sorts. Featuring protagonist Chuck Greene, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Dead Rising 2: Case West both offer up the same gratuitously violent zombie-killing action you've come to expect from the series.

Also on deck are games from two Disney franchises: Cars and Meet the Robinsons. In Cars 2: The Video Game, you jump into a colorful world where you can not only take part in races, but train to become a spy as well. Meanwhile, Meet the Robinsons has you heading back to the past in order to potentially save the future.

If you happen to own any one of these games, you should be able to start playing them on your Xbox One now. And for more, also be sure to check out our running list of backward compatible games.

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