One of our favorite weather apps, 4castr, has just picked up a massive update. You'll find version 1.7 of the app sitting in the Windows Phone Store right now. A new radar source has been added and plenty of bug fixes. Full changelog after the break.

Here's what you get with version 1.7 of 4castr:

  • Added OpenWeatherMap as radar source
  • Fixed bug causing end zero to be removed in sunrise/sunset minutes
  • Fixed bug that caused medium tile style #11 to crash background agent
  • Fixed bug that caused app to crash when WU provided an empty value for observation time
  • Fixed bugs related to incomplete weather data
  • Stability improvements for locations without complete data
  • Added warning message for users selecting locations with incomplete data
  • Restored trial service
  • Changed time API to avoid future outages
  • Major improvements to error handling
  • General stability improvements
  • General bug fixes and improvements

By far the biggest change is having OpenWeatherMap as a worldwide radar source. If you're a 'pro' user inside 4castr you'll be able to switch back to the Weather Underground animated radar. This update also includes a ton of bug fixes to make things more stable.

Grab the update with the link below and let us know what you think of the changes!

QR: 4castr