Toshiba Satellite P55t

Toshiba announced a new Windows laptop with a 4K display back at CES 2014 – the P55t – but today we've now got confirmation that the product will be launching later this month. The cost? $1,499. If you're wanting a device that matches the likes of 4K televisions (3340 x 2160), this new 15-inch laptop is certainly worth looking at.

To quickly remind you as to what's included, the P55t sports an Intel Core i7 chip as well as on-board Nvidia graphics, perfect for rocking out with 4K media. We're interested to see how consumers react to 4K products, notably laptops. The 4K resolution will surely make you squint in desktop mode, but Windows 8 and its native app experience is when this becomes nothing short of awesome.

Question is: will you be picking one up?

Source: CNET