For your Foursquare fiends out there, you'll be pleased to know that 4th & Mayor, pretty much the Foursquare app for Windows Phone, has been given a nice overhaul to v2.0. And lets just say there are some major changes and improvements to the app:

  • The ‘places’ are gone from the main page – there’s a new check-in experience now, just touch the “check-in” button at the bottom of the main page to open up the list of nearby places (it’s fast!)
  • This retires the dedicated ‘Shout’ button – Foursquare’s decided that going forward it makes more sense to only attach shouts to check-ins, so that’s where it is
  • Trending places near you have moved away from the check-in experience and into the ‘explore’ feature
  • Explore adds the new Outdoors category
  • Explore now holds both nearby specials as well as the trending places nearby, instead of those polluting the nearby places list
  • Faster, more responsive
  • Quicker checkins
  • Add photos to your checkins
  • More social/friend features
  • Add Venues and enjoy venueless check-ins
  • Even more...

That's a whole lot of stuff and there's more on Jeff's blog, which we strongly encourage you to read for all the details. The update just went live about 40 minutes ago, so you should be able to get the latest 2.0 version right now. We've been using it since yesterday (Jeff posted the XAP for sideloading) and have been really enjoying the experience and improvements. Grab it here in the Marketplace.

Source: Jeff Wilcox (Blog); via Twitter