Even though the app has only been out for less than a week, Jeff Wilcox is delivering an update already to the popular Foursquare app '4th & Mayor' (see past coverage).

Version 1.1 just went live in the Marketplace an adds support for "specials", a feature just added to Foursquare this month. Foursquare specials allow business to deliver, well, special deals and offers to customers directly through Foursquare and checkins (hello merger of the social and commerce!). So here's how '4th & Mayor' uses this new feature:

  • Nearby specials shown in the “places” pivot item
  • When you check-in to a place with specials, you’ll get notified in the “what’s new” page with information about the special (click to redeem, too)
  • When you view the details for a venue, any special there will be shown before the mayorship information
  • Swiping left a few from the “info” pivot item of a place will give you a “specials” list, both at the venue you’re looking at, as well as nearby places with specials.

We're in mid-town Manhattan right now and we gotta say, this "special" thing...kind of cool. If you're a "mayor" of some of these businesses, kudos to the freebies you get.

Grab it here in the Marketplace.