4th & Mayor, arguably the finest looking application available on the Windows Phone Marketplace, has now evidently become the official offering for Foursquare users. The official app lacked what this alternative offered (in terms of functionality and design) and while it was experiencing difficulties with user login, Jeff Wilcox (developer of the 4th & Mayor app) stole the show. The Foursquare team have now removed the official solution, redirecting the Zune app link to 4th & Mayor. [From what we've learned, Microsoft actually developed the official Foursquare app and since Wilcox works for Microsoft, they have a license over his app, allowing them to switch horses, midstream. -dpr]

Should you not use this fantastic Foursquare app, we strongly recommend you give it a go, even if you prefer not to provide stalkers with the exact location you're presently situated at. What gives this news a rather humourous twist is how Jeff wasn't aware of the acknowledgement for his hard work--obviously a casualty of the Microsoft bureaucracy. A welcomed surprise for Wilcox, no doubt.

Oh and Wilcox is busy working on an update to 4th & Mayor, so expect that sooner than later.

Update: See this post for more information regarding a new Foursquare app coming soon.


Source: Russel Clark, via: WPSauce