For those who rely on 4th & Mayor for your Foursquare checkins, you'll be pleased to know that version 2.2 is hitting the Marketplace now. The app just showed up in our Marketplace, meaning it should be propagating everywhere very soon.

To refresh, 4th & Mayor had a bug this week caused by changes on Foursquare's end, resulting in a 'What's New' page popping up when trying to checkin to a location (see more here). Version 2.2 fixes that as well as addresses a few other issues:

  • Updated to work with latest foursquare services.
  • Adding a place/venue bug fixes.
  • Friend requests now show up in your profile more clearly
  • Added a link in the About menu to the official foursquare app

As usual, you can grab the install file here from the Marketplace.