5 Minute Home Workout

5 Minute Home Workout is a super-popular fitness app on competing platforms, and the developer has now released the app on the Windows Phone Store. The New Year is on the horizon, as is countless resolutions on losing weight and getting into shape. The festive food doesn't help matters, but this is where 5 Minute Home Workout comes into play.

The 5 minute home exercises focus on 6 categories, including abs, fat loss, chest and arms, butt and legs, yoga, and pilates. It's perfect if you do not have much time to spare throughout the busy day, with clear 3D animations and detailed instructions for those who are new to said workouts.

A total of 12 sessions and 42 different exercises will ensure there's enough variety to prevent one from becoming bored, and there's also a target in each sessions to aim for, just in case you require some added motivation. But the app doesn't simply restrict exercising to just 5 minutes as it's possible to combine multiple sessions for a longer workout. Here are the categories:

  • Abs - tone your stomach for a flat trim look
  • Fat Loss - full body workout to get a trim figure
  • Chest and Arms - targets your upper body for a strong powerful look
  • Butt and Legs - helps create slender legs and a pert butt
  • Yoga - improved flexibility and peace of mind
  • Pilates - improve your core strength and posture

As well as launching on Windows Phone, we hear the app is also making its way to tablets and PCs running Windows. We'll update you all once the app is also available for Windows 8.

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