PDP Super Charger

You may remember that last week a company called PDP revealed plans to show off the Super Charger at CES 2016. The accessory was supposed to hook up to a standard Xbox One controller and provide it with up to 12 hours of gameplay with a battery charge that would take just 60 seconds. Well, here's the bad news: PDP has revealed the Super Charger won't actually be available to the public until late 2016, and when it is released, it will cost $99 for just one charger.

According to Polygon:

"We've developed a technology to charge your controller in a new way, it's not using a battery pack," Christopher Dingle, director of product development at PDP, told Polygon. "In the past it has been about either your dry cell battery chemistries or your lithium ion or lithium polymers, but we've developed a new type of power pack."

PDP is not offering any specifics on how this new battery technology works, with Dingle stating only that it involves a "physical reaction rather than a chemical reaction". The company didn't actually show the technology working at CES 2016, although they do claim to have a working prototype. Dingle added that in the future they could offer their charger technology for smartphones or laptops.

Source: Polygon