The Windows Phone app ecosystem is getting healthier and healthier with each passing week. A healthy platform has a good mix of official apps and strong, creative indie devs stepping their game up. Rudy Huyn and his apps are a great example of indie devs making some creative apps. His latest app to get updated is 6nsap, his Snapchat client. Let’s check out what’s new in version 2.4.

The last update we covered for 6snap was version 2.2 that came out earlier in the month. Version 2.2 brought the ability to draw on videos, add multi-line text to videos and much more. Today we have version 2.4 in the Windows Phone Store. Here’s what’s new:

  • View snaps without holding screen (You need GDR2 or above on your phone)
  • New Snapchat sign up security added (Captcha)
  • Better performance

The biggest change with this version of 6snap is the ability to view snaps without having your meat styli blocking the view. The ability to take screenshots is still not allowed, in order to respect the Snapchat philosophy. But it’s pretty cool that you can view snaps without having to press the entire time.

Also, if you use 6tag for Instagram, version 3.2.1 is now live too. That's a simple bug fix for the new 'Like or Not' feature that we detailed a few days ago.

Want to get the recent version of 6snap? Head to the Windows Phone Store

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QR: 6tag