We still don’t have an official Snapchat application on Windows Phone, but we do have 6snap. It’s the unofficial (but great) third-party client for Snapchat. The app has worked well since launch and gained impressive features that you can’t get with the official apps on iOS or Android. Though today’s update brings a feature you technically can get with the others. The ability to take screenshots is now supported.

We last had an update for 6snap in early February that introduced different brush sizes. Today we’re looking at something a lot of you have wanted. Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll see version 2.9 of 6snap waiting for you. The update is notable for bringing two features to the mix:

  • Prevent user from sending snaps to everybody
  • Screenshots

That’s right. You can finally take screenshots with 6snap on Windows Phone. The developer behind the app, Rudy Huyn, originally did not want to give Snapchat any reason pulled 6snap from the Windows Phone Store. So earlier versions of 6snap did not allow any method for users to take screenshots. It’s always been possible on the official versions of Snapchat on Android and iOS, but Rudy did what he thought was best to keep 6snap available on Windows Phone.

To take a screenshot in the latest version of 6snap you’ll press the camera button when viewing a snap, not the regular Start/power button combo. Just be aware the sender will be notified that you took a screenshot. And they might be less inclined to send you some snaps in the future! 

Let us know what you think of the new update below in the comments.

In the meantime, download 6snap from the Windows Phone Store. It’s a free app with in-app purchases to remove ads.

Thanks for the tip everyone! 

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