6snap, Rudy Huyn’s unofficial Snapchat client, has been picking up update after update since it first launched at the end of November. Not only does it have all the features of official Snapchat clients on other platforms, but a few extra tricks unique to Windows Phone. His latest version of 6snap brings even more features to the app. Let’s check them out.

The last update for 6snap came out in a handful of days ago. That was version 2.1 and it was notable for introducing big fonts in the video captions, supporting the new video encoding in Snapchat and more. Today we’re looking at version 2.2 in the Windows Phone Store with the following features:

  • Draw on videos!
  • Add multi-line texts on videos
  • Support add text on landscape videos
  • Remove "white space" when you click on friend
  • Remove ads just after payment, no need to restart the app
  • Fix problem with videos with text on stories (and when sent to friends+story)

The biggest new addition is the ability to draw on videos. You can make some pretty creative videos with drawing over them. You can also now add multi-lines of text on those videos or text in landscaped videos. Other changes revolve around refining the overall experience of 6snap. For example, ads are removed after payment with no need to restart the app.

Want 6snap for Windows Phone? Grab it for free in the Windows Phone Store today. 

Thanks for the tip Dustin L!

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