Late last night, 6tag returned to the Windows Phone Store after a caching bug prevented the app from updating on some phones. Today, Huyn has pushed out another update bringing the version to 4.0.1 and with it, a few new improvements and fixes.

The update is live now in the store and here is the full changelog.

6tag 4.0.1

  • Fix problems with geolocation of pictures taken in the southern hemisphere 
  • Improve crop feature 
  • Support all special characters on passwords for Facebook/twitter/etc... 
  • Display ALL persons on likes/followers/following and not just the first 100 (New)

In the past, we have seen some cropping issues where a thin black bar is left at the bottom. Presumably that is addressed with this update. Geolocation in the southern hemisphere is obviously limited to those in that area, so do not expect too much. The added support for special characters in passwords on social networks is always a welcomed addition.

Finally, there is one new feature left from the changelog for displaying all likes/followers, etc. Although not many people will need it, the previous version of 6tag only showed the first 100 people. Now, the app adds an infinite scroll, and it will display all likes or comments, something useful for you power-posters out there.

Make sure you check out our video tour above of the new 4.0 features to see it all in action.

Download 6tag 4.0.1 for Windows Phone (Free)

Source: Rudy Huyn (Twitter)

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