6tag for Instagram

This afternoon, two big apps have received some minor updates. First up is 6tag for Windows Phone, which is the go-to Instagram client. The second is Xbox Music for Windows 8.1 (not Windows Phone), which has received a small update as well.

6tag is now at version 4.0.5 and with it comes a bevy of changes, fixes, and minor improvements to ensure a good user experience.

6tag 4.0.5

  • Fix rotation 
  • Instagram API updated 
  • Progressive loading of Directs 
  • Display an indicator when you receive a comment on a Direct Message 

Although many of those backend changes, the rotation fix, and DM enhancements should help many users out there.

Download 6tag for Windows Phone (Free)

Xbox Music for Windows 8.1

Additionally, Xbox Music for Windows 8.1 is now at version 2.6.670.0. Like the last recent update, the changelog is "minor fixes and improvements" but more specifically, we are told by Microsoft's Ellen Kilbourne that this update continues to address and improve music synchronization.

You can download Xbox Music for Windows 8.1 in the Store or just go to the Store, swipe the right menu > Settings > App Updates to force the Store to refresh the app. Otherwise, the update will get downloaded automatically.

Thanks, Cae758, for the 6tag tip

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