6tag is the popular third party Instagram client for Windows Phone, developed by Rudy Huyn. While an official Instagram app is well on the way, Huyn continues to release updates for his offering in the mean time.

Version 2.0.1 has been published and is a minor update with a few improvements, including a treat for current Update 3 users.

If you missed what was included in the version 2.0 update, be sure to check that out for more details. Here's the change log for 2.0.1:

  • Improved Collage feature
  • Improved dark theme
  • Added a link to Facebook settings when posting
  • Toast custom sounds (You need Windows Phone 8 Update 3 for this feature; 6tag settings > background agents > use custom sounds)

This is the first instance of custom notification sounds for an app that we are aware of. The feature is only available in GDR3/Update 3 devices, since it's a new API that developers can utilize should they choose to do so. We covered the development in a recent article that all developers should read.

You can download 6tag from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, giovanni, for the tip!

QR: 6tag