6tag update brings fix for issues with video uploads and filters on collages

Following up on its big update to 5.0 last week, 6tag has received a much more minor update today. Bumping up to 5.0.1, the update brings a fix for users experiencing issues uploading videos and filters on collages.

While it's rather minor, this should come as good news for those of you experiencing the above issues. In addition, developer Rudy Huyn says that a 5.0.2 update has already been submitted with a few other tweaks:

6tag 5.0.1 is out! And 5.0.2 already submitted (better hugarian localization + improve background agent)

Once again, Huyn has come through with a set of rapid fire updates for one of his most popular apps. If you'd like to snag 6tag 5.0.1, you can hit up the store link below. However, with 5.0.2 already submitted for approval, it looks like you may be repeating the process shortly.

Download 6tag from the Windows Phone Store (Free)

QR: 6Tag

Source: Rudy Huyn (Twitter)