The unofficial Instagram client for Windows Phone, 6tag, has received yet another update today. Version 2.0.2 has arrived on the Store and it brings with it a handful of user-requested fixes or features.

As can be noted by the version number, it’s not a huge overhaul, so many of the changes are minor but for some users, significant. So what’s new? Head past the break to get the answer.

6tag version 2.0.2 changelog

  • Save picture without posting
  • Maintain default share options
  • Optimized map view
  • Improve manual blur
  • Bug fixes

The first feature, “save picture without posting” should be quite obvious. For some users, they want to use the 6tag app to snap a photo but not necessarily post the picture right away. Now you can do that.

The next addition is a user-requested feature: maintaining default share options. This addition allows the app to “remember” your social networks of choice. It’s a nice tweak that will make posting much easier.

Finally, optimized map view makes using the “around me” feature much faster and smoother. Indeed, images pop-up on the map very quickly now and scrolling is super smooth.

Facebook borked again

For those who post to Facebook, you may have trouble doing so with 6tag. The app itself has not broken anything, but according to developer Rudy Huyn, "Instagram has disabled a Facebook OAuth interaction".  This also means "find friends" on Facebook won't work either.

A fix for this has been submitted in version 2.0.3, which is due in a few days.

Pick up 6tag, version 2.0.2, here in the Store. Thanks, nsa74 via our forums, for the tip

QR: 6tag