6tag, which is arguably the more-real Instagram client for Windows Phones versus the official one, just picked up a nice little update today. Instead of the usual bug fixes though, this one delivers some new features to help tweak the user-experience even more, bringing some unique capabilities to your Windows Phone.

Version 3.4 of 6tag is now live in the Store and two of the new features are location-based, letting users gain more control over their postings. Let's take a look at the changelog.

6tag (3.4)

  • Able to use location included into the file when you use a picture from the phone
  • Go back to your position after a regram
  • Bugfixes

The first addition uses the image's geotag and it can be much easier than the default behavior. Currently, Instagram just lets you match your current location for venues. You can also override that by doing a search. Now, if you have geotagging of your photos on by default, the app asks if you want to use it or the current location. This capability is great if you like to later-gram but do not necessarily remember where exactly you were for a photo. Likewise, with the regram feature, which lets you tweak the location for that photo as well.

Bugfixes, well, those are self-explanatory.

One feature we are still hoping 6tag gets is video upload. Currently, users need to capture the video live in order to share on the popular network. However, the official app lets you dive into your library and add a video after the fact. This ability lets you shoot the entire scene instead of making it an 'Instagram-only' video. Hopefully that is coming next.

Regardless, you can pick up 6tag 3.4 below and enjoy the new additions!

Thanks, Amit G., and others for the tips!

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