With developer Rudy Huyn now working fulltime on Windows Phone app development, we can expect more updates and more apps, right? Version 1.4 of his popular 6tag Instagram client is evidently coming along nicely.

In a video just posted (and seen below), Huyn shows off what looks like a few new features in the upcoming refresh.

Starting in version 1.4, users will be able to rotate images around to line them up perfectly, which is good for you perfectionists out there. That rotation tool is actually found in the official iOS and Android apps, so it’s good to see parity once again between 6tag and the official versions.

The other feature looks to be a dark theme for the new Modern design layout. It’s not clear if that’s an optional change that users can select or a redesign. Either way, it looks good (and yes, it looks a bit like Instance version 2 beta).

So when can you have version 1.4? This week, specifically in the next 3 to 4 days. Of course we’ll tell you when it goes live. For now, you can use version 1.3.1, which is in the Store.

Source: Twitter