Do you have a handful of websites you like to keep in touch with while on the run? Need an easy way to switch between those sites on your Windows Phone? 7 Tab Browser might be just the Window Phone 7 app you've been looking for.

7 Tab Browser is a new, innovative web browser, which enables you to quickly move through tabs to browse the web. The seven tabs takes advantage of Windows Phone 7's metro design where your sites are laid out on seven pages that can be navigated around by swiping or tapping the tab number that is at the top of the screen. While Microsoft's Internet Explorer has the index page, some may find having the tabbed browser to be more efficient in switching from site to site. The numbering is set up where I can go from tab one to seven in one tap.

7 Tab Browser supports bookmarks and has a dual mode where your Windows Phone is split in half so you can view two web sites at once. Future updates will include tab notes and auto refresh options.

There are two versions of 7 Tab Browser available at the Marketplace. You have an ad supported free version (ad banner runs across the top of the screen) and an ad-free Pro version that runs $.99 (links open up Zune).