7Dialer for Windows Phone

JDBPocketware, developers of the Windows Phone app Handyscan and SkyManager, have been hard at work improving another one of their apps. To celebrate their hard work on 7Dialer, they're putting the app on sale.

7Dialer is is a utility dialer that allows you to use the dial pad to pull a listing of your contacts that correspond with the letters dialed. On top of that, there is a tabbed page that you can use to pin frequently called contacts.


Additional features with 7Dialer include:

  • Copy and Paste numbers or contact details
  • Automatic contacts syncing
  • Options to call, SMS or email
  • "Call Later" reminders
  • Custom backgrounds for dialer
  • Dial pad sounds
  • Live Tile support
  • Call timers

The dialpad sounds range from the traditional tap sounds to a lightsaber. In just tinkering with 7Dialer, it comes across as a nice alternative to the traditional Windows Phone dialer.

There is a trial version available for 7Dialer to let you try things out before buying. The standard price for the full version is $2.49 but for a limited time, you can snatch it up for $.99. You can find 7Dialer here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

QR: 7Dialer