Did Microsoft sell 877,000 Windows Phone handset last February? Microsoft has reported earlier that two million of the phones (or is it licenses) have shipped/sold since release.  One source is now calculating, based on the use of Windows Phone Facebook applications, that an additional 877K have moved since. Could Microsoft be approaching 3 million units sold mark?

The basis of this projection is a presumption that for every active user of the Windows Phone Facebook application, there are 6.756 handset in circulation. If this ratio is correct and there are 504,972 monthly active Facebook app users, then there should be 3,378,000 Windows Phones in the hands of consumers. Subtract sales that Microsoft has reported and you come up with 1,378,000 units sold.  That comes out to 31,318 units per day and in subtracting the few days in January following the MSFT sales announcement, you should come up with about 877,000 units sold in February.

Without anything official from Microsoft, or any other Windows Phone partner, all of this is purely conjecture.  While it will be nice if these numbers eventually hold water, you have to wonder if there's a more accurate and verifiable way to calculate sales than by the number of Facebook applications in use.

Source: thenextweb